The Manuscript
2007-01-01 Poets & Writers Magazine
'Michael Stephen Fuchs doesn't seem particularly naive or susceptible to exploitation. The fast-talking writer has a successful day job as an Internet consultant, peppers his conversation with literary aphorisms, and, like many debut authors, can talk with an eloquence borne from personal experience about the iniquities of the publishing business. But according to some in the book trade, Fuchs has been suckered.'
2006-12-01 Goldsboro Books
'What are your favourite and least favourite things about being a writer?'
'Favourite: that chicks dig it. Least favourite: that, somehow, still, none of them have gone out with me as a result.'
2006-02-22 London by London
'What do you do to relax in London?'
'Take implausibly long runs in the Royal Parks listening to dangerously loud music. That and lunchtime lectures in the National Gallery - picking up a belated art history education for free.'
2003-08-25 Seven Questions
'Ultimately, I completely rewrote that book for them three times . . . I shouldn't complain. In its original form, the book was almost certainly unpublishable.'