The Manuscript
2009-04-21 Czech Translation Appears In Hardcover!
And it's entirely spiffy. Full details, plus, erm, screenshots, on Dispatch from the Razor's Edge.
2007-12-05 3-for-2 Repeat-er-oo
The new paperback of The Manuscript has been selected for another 3-for-2 list – this time by Borders, in January. With your Christmas book tokens shall ye go forth.
2007-11-21 Czech Rights Sold
Rights were sold for the book to a publisher in the Czech Republic. Um, yeah.
Fall 2007 Mention in UVa Alumni Magazine
Slightly belatedly, a mention in the 'New and Notable' section of the Fall 2007 UVa Alumni Magazine. Go Hoos – go buy my book. ;^) (Single-page PDF Excerpt here).
2007-05-15 U.S. Reviews of The Manuscript
The book has been mentioned in two U.S. publishing industry rags: Library Journal, and an enormously gratifying (even if mixed) review in Kirkus Reviews (see Reviews page).
2007-04-04 U.S. Debut of The Manuscript
The Manuscript is now available for order via (Official link to send around to everyone you know who, erm, reads: .) No verified bookstore sightings yet. But, while the official release date is April, there's something called a 'publicity date' scheduled for July. I am told that bookstores that don't have it in stock now can and will order it if you ask.
2007-02-01 The Manuscript Now Available As E-Book
Macmillan has launched their first e-book initiatives: Mine is available here. Download me now!
2006-10-24 Film Rights for THE MANUSCRIPT Optioned
A deal has been finalised granting a twelve-month option on the film rights for THE MANUSCRIPT to a UK production company. (I had a lunch meeting with their principals last week, and they're lovely folks.) They will be using this time to approach the big U.S. and international studios for funding for the project. Wildly originally, I've demanded a bit part.
2006-08-07 Follow-up to THE MANUSCRIPT To Be Published by Macmillan in 2007
Macmillan has formally committed to publishing my second novel, PANDORA'S SISTERS. It is expected to be released simultaneously with the paperback edition of THE MANUSCRIPT, most likely in August 2007. My editor and others at Macmillan seem to share my feeling that PANDORA'S SISTERS is even better than THE MANUSCRIPT. A lot better. More information on PANDORA'S SISTERS is available on my words page.
2006-07-30 UK Mass-Market Paperback Release
My editor informs me that the Publishing Director for Pan Macmillan (Macmillan's general fiction arm) has, well, I quote, "read The Manuscript, and agrees that its an exceptional piece of writing. What wed love to do is publish it as a Pan mass-market paperback next year (probably August). Im really happy about this." Me, too. 8^)
2006-07-28 Details on US Release
Over drinks with my editor last night, I learned that the U.S. release will be contemporaneous with the Canadian release – at the beginning of April 2007. And it's going to be a trade paperback. ( has a page for the hardcover for some reason. The paperback is here)
2006-06-16 THE MANUSCRIPT Goes Home!
Macmillan's Export Sales Team reports they've finalised a deal for North American distribution and promotion. THE MANUSCRIPT will go on sale in Canada in January 2007 – and in the U.S. a little later in the spring. Yay. 8^)
2006-06-06 Selam Trkiye!
According to my latest despatch from Macmillan's unstoppable Rights and Co-editions Manager, there's now a Turkish publication deal for THE MANUSCRIPT, rights purchased for the next four years. Cok tesekkur ederim!
2006-05-29 A Shameless Review
Gratifyingly effusive review in literary blog Shameless Words. (See Reviews for extract and link.)
2006-04-29 Amazon (Satisfied) Customer Reviews
The first wave of happy customer reviews has begun appearing on the Amazon page. (Full disclosure, ahem: not 100% of them were, erm, totally unsolicited.) The complete phalanx of customer reviews is available here.
2006-04-27 Laugh at the Author Video
My short, slightly goofy "Listen to the Author Babble on About his Book" video is up on my Amazon page: available in Windows Media Player format in broadband and dial-up flavours.
2006-04-12 Launch Partiers Read At
Action photos, and a bit of commentary, on the (champagne-fueled) third and final Macmillan New Writing Launch Party, and second reading, are now available on Dispatch from the Razor's Edge.
2006-04-10 New Reviews
Brief, favourable notices in the Times Literary Supplement and flavorpill London. (See Reviews for extracts and links.)
2006-04-07 Fuchs Proves He Knows How To Read
Our second launch party, and my first proper reading, at Pan Books in Chelsea. Lovely family and lots of lovely mates turned out. Lovely photos available on Dispatch from the Razor's Edge.
2006-04-06 Macmillan Launch Party a Wild Success
Numerous action photos now available on Dispatch from the Razor's Edge.
2006-03-07 Review in Grumpy Old Bookman!
Heart leaps into throat to read what's really the first proper review of THE MANUSCRIPT, in Grumpy Old Bookman (one of the Guardian's Top Ten Literary Blogs). It is, let's say, laudatory. (See Reviews for the most glowing extracts. 8^)
2006-03-07 Praise for MNW in Grumpy Old Bookman
Grumpy Old Bookman lauds production values of Macmillan New Writing titles.
2006-03-07 Mention in "This Writing Life"
Nice mention by the much-admired Ian Hocking in his literary blog This Writing Life. Thanks, Ian!
2006-03-07 Goldsboro Books Launch Party Open to All!
I just learned that the 12 April Launch Party at Goldsboro books is an open event! Come one, come all! (See Excerpt for details.)
2006-03-07 Macmillan New Writing Launch Party
Got my invitation to the official night-before Launch Party at Macmillan. My editor, Michael Barnard, being the immensely tech-savvy guy he is (that's his old Blackberry on the cover of the book), sent it via e-mail as a PDF. What the heck, here it is (pdf, 136kb), for your amusement. I'm also informed I can only bring three guests to this. Gack.
2006-03-06 Post-Launch Launch Party Announced
Additionally informed today that will be a smaller Post-Launch Launch Party at the Goldsboro Bookshop in central London. Trust this will involve more free drinks. (Much like our Pre-Pre-Game-Party Parties at UVa. Not to mention those occasional Pre-Pre-Pre-Game-Party-Party Parties, usually conducted while people were showering.)
2006-03-06 Launch Event/Reading in Chelsea
There will also be a Launch-Day Event in Chelsea, at the Pan Bookshop. (See Excerpt for details.) I can invite more people to this. Whew.
2006-03-05 WSJ Article?
I was contacted today by a reporter on the London Desk of The Wall Street Journal Europe. He was doing a story on new writers in general and Macmillan New Writing in particular. He asked me a lot of questions about the fabulous support for the book Macmillan is providing (which I was pleased effusively to answer). Will an article be appearing on Who cares, as it will be accessible to subscribers only . . .
2006-03-05 Fuchs to Appear on London Panel Discussions
Today my editor – who, to my surprise and additional awe, turns out to be a Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts London – invited me to speak on two academic panels on publishing. (See Excerpt for details.)
2006-03-28 THE MANUSCRIPT Makes Waterstones 3-for-2 List
THE MANUSCRIPT has been selected by Waterstones (along with another MNW title, Brian Martin's NORTH) to be one of their April 3-for-2 promotions. Apparently this is a big-ish deal. ("Look out for it on the hot sales tables," says my editor. "Just what every author hopes for," he adds. "What's Waterstones?" ask all my American friends and relations.) A reprint is being rushed through to support this.
2006-02-23 Review Copies Fly
Review copies went out to local publications today. (One of the better boons of my situation at Macmillan is that they are sending THE MANUSCRIPT to the full Pan Macmillan fiction reviewers list – 150 publications. One assumes that includes all the bettter ones. 8^)
2006-02-17 Fuchs Interviewed in London by London
An interview with yours truly appeared in this week's London by London – the newsletter and discussion list for Londoners who are really very serious indeed about being Londoners (more than 14,000 of them). (See Interviews for details.)
2006-02-17 Notice in NTK Now
The fine folks at Need To Know now – the weekly high-tech sarcastic update from the UK (and required reading of many thousands of alpha geeks the world over) kindly printed a notice. My first review! (Sort of.) (See Reviews for details.)
2006-02-13 Signed Copies to Go on Sale
Goldsboro Books – "the UK 's leading specialist in first edition, signed books" – has bought a consignment of THE MANUSCRIPT. They've asked me to swing by and scribble on them for them, which I'm delighted to do. (Sara thinks I should develop a signature that looks like something other than a very wide checkmark. As usual, she has a point.)
2005-11-21 Russian Rights Sold
To my substantial bemusement, I was contacted out of the blue by the Macmillan Rights and Co-Editions Manager to inform me that they've reached agreement with "a good Russian publisher" (thank God – you've got to hate those dodgy Russian publishers) to translate and publish THE MANUSCRIPT in Russia.