The Manuscript
2009-06-06 The Truth About Books
'A tightly written techno-thriller yarn which draws on an intricate web of betrayal, deceit and conspiracy... very reminiscent of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels... written with the fluency of an author who knows exactly what he is writing about and where he is going.'
2008-11-14 Cory Doctorow in BoingBoing
'Just what a technothriller should be: taut, violent, smart, and very, very technical ... Fuchs does a remarkable job of staying within the confines of what technology actually does (both the guns and the computers) while still putting together an immensely entertaining book filled with likable, bloodthirtsy people doing incredible things while the whole world is on the line ... The Manuscript packs several kinds of punch – it's as if The Da Vinci Code had been written by someone who wasn't an idiot.'
2007-05-15 Kirkus Reviews
'Guns, blackmail, computers, unfathomable corruption and angry young Taoists... Fuchs seems to operate on the narrative principle of "when in doubt, put in a firefight."'
'Makes technical information interesting and intelligible, maybe even sexy ... unusual and interesting and intelligent ... gorgeous techno-prose.'
2006-06-13 Whatsthatsmell?
'A damned fine read ... If Tarantino ever got a techie streak and decided to start writing novels, he would come up with something awfully close to this ... Good stuff. Buy it and read it!'
2006-06-01 Pulp
'All the usual suspects: hitmen, shadowy intelligence agents, and drug dealers ... a high-energy, enthusiastic yarn. The Manuscript is a captivating debut.'
2006-05-29 Shameless Words
'A rough and tumble story that will appeal to anyone who loves an intelligent mix of the thriller/mystery format, chases, gun battles, gangsters and computers. This man knows his craft ... the writing here sets this book apart ... I found it very easy to get swept up in the story ... The characters are interesting and developed. There is insight behind the action.'
2006-04-11 Flavourpill London
'Be sure to check for Michael Fuchs, whose breathless cyber-techno thriller The Manuscript tosses a million plot strands into a blender marked "Neal Stephenson masticates on deconstructivist philosophy".'
2006-03-31 Times Literary Supplement
'Clever and engaging.'
2006-03-10 Grumpy Old Bookman
(Listed by the Guardian as one of the top ten literary blogs.)
'By the second page of this book it is apparent that Mr Fuchs knows how to use viewpoint -- always a crucial test ... The question is, can the author make his story entertaining? He can, and he does ... the book is well written, thoughtful, competent and professional ... Michael Fuchs really can write.'
2006-02-17 NTK Now
'A tough techno-thriller ... we're already intrigued by the premise that you might be able to find the "Da Vinci Code"-style secret of human existence on *Usenet* (of all places), just by coming up with the appropriate Google Groups search terms.'
2006-02-14 ComputerWeekly
'Spend your spare time reading techie thriller The Manuscript by Michael Stephen Fuchs ... the story of a mixed bag of existentially afflicted computer professionals who become convinced that the meaning of life is really hidden on a "diabolically encrypted website out in the far uncharted backwaters of the internet" ... The author clearly has high philosophical ambitions.'
Ongoing Amazon Customer Reviews
'The Manuscript is dazzling. It's a tightly-plotted thriller, but it's also a terrific literary chronicle of our Electronic Age ... The writing's smart, sexy, and as funny in spots as it's dark in others.'

'High-speed and incredibly action-packed, but smarter, funnier, more intricate, and surprisingly more inspiring than one might expect of the genre ... Intelligent handling of everything from the history of philosophy to the rules of how to win a gunfight. I read The Manuscript cover to cover.'

'A great novel! It has "film/ TV adaptation" written all over it...'

'A GREAT book - high octane thrills, a cast of bizarre characters a la "Pulp Fiction" ... fresh and engaging to the very end. Superb!!'

'It is thrilling, think Tarantino thrilling! ... A FANTASTIC DEBUT!'

'Engaging and sometimes exhilarating ... has that rare quality of describing the world of computers in a way that matches actual reality.'

'The action builds up early in the story, and then relentlessly ploughs on for a very long time, with many twists and turns and loads of gun battles, Mexican standoffs, and geekspeak. And is very very cool.'